Sword Of Archangel Michael


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Sword Of St. Michael

Mythical sword of the Archangel and commander of God’s army.

The angel Michael is prince of angels, he is mentioned as the One who will arise during the time of end.

Michael is symbol of Heavenly justice and punishment. He is responsible for annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Michael is often portrayed in suit of armor, with a flame bladed sword and with scales.

Michael led armies of God against Satan and he threw him out of Heaven.

Michael is patron of policemen, soldiers and warriors, paratroopers, paramedics and firemen. Michael is guardian of Cathlic church and Vatican state, Russian city of Arkhangelsk. Russian police has picture of St. Michael on their cars.

Sword of Archangel Michael Features

Blade decorated by flames.

Portrait of Michael in pommel.

Imitiation jewels in handle.

Handle decorated by Biblical motives.

Scales: symbol of justice, attribue of St. Michael.

Sword length: 90 cms – 35.4 inches.

Made by Marto Toledo.


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